All Huitcinq products are made with great attention to details, using the old tools of the trade, a nice way to keep centenary leather-working tradition alive but with a modern twist, of course.

With good care they can last decades.


The most important things is that no machines are allowed in the creation process.

Every brand says their products are hand sewn, hand-made and bla bla bla but they cut the leather with automatic clickers and lasers and someone else sew them with a machine. 


Here at Huitcinq1988 everything is done by hand, from A to Z.

It is a 100% Italian brand (only with a french name).

Every product is Made in Italy, and more precisely in Rome. And when I say Rome, I mean the real Rome, 5 minutes from the real centre of the City.


We offer MtM and Bespoke, feel free to drop us a line to know more about personalisation options for your accessories